Parcelow is a payment integrator generating business between Brazil and the USA.


Your customer can
split the purchase
amount into up to 12 installments.

your business

Expand your
sales opportunities
in the Brazilian


Parcelow helps to sell to Brazilians in Brazil and the USA.

With our payment solution, you expand the possibilities of your business and increase your sales


Personal Shopper and redirector, how about, in addition to facilitating the access of Brazilians to American products, also facilitating payment?

Enter the Brazilian market, giving customers better conditions to buy from you!

80% of Brazilians pay their purchases in installments

80% of Brazilians
pay their purchases
in installments

Discover the advantages of
choosing Parcelow

We connect American retailers with Brazilian consumers.

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You enter the Brazilian market consumption mode and retain international customers;

Your customer has more comfort and payment flexibility, being able to pay in installments up to 12 installments on the national card, pay with PIX (Brazilian payment method) or bank transfer;

Parcelow converts reais into dollars in real time;

You, as a retailer, receive full payment within 3 days, even if your customer has paid in 12 installments;

Instant approval, no need for lines of credit or exhaustive validations.

Talk to our team and come to Parcelow.